About Me

An animal lover, self-development nerd and serial expat. Over the last decade, I have relocated to 10 cities across 7 countries for both studies and work!

Currently living in Guatemala with my dog, Luna, and working with a local non-profit on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

Hi, I’m Cat – your relocation mentor!

When I first moved abroad, I was expecting my life to be something like a scene out of Eat, Pray, Love – glamorous and enchanting. Living abroad was supposed to be an exciting escape from the life I knew so well at home. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my assumption of life abroad was not entirely accurate. Once the flattering filter fell away, I realized that while there were certainly some amazing adventures, life abroad is just that: life.

Amidst the new landscapes and exciting adventures, I needed to work or study, make friends, go grocery shopping, do taxes, drive a car and deal with the normal stresses of life. But now I had to do it all with culture differences and language barriers, and without the immediate support of my friends and family. All of the sudden, the simple, mundane parts of life I rarely thought about at home became some of the biggest challenges in my new life abroad.

After a decade of relocating for study and work, I realized that we are seldom prepared for the challenges of “living life” abroad because they simply are not a part of the expat story. We hear the highlights, not the lowlights. So when we struggle, we often experience frustration and shame in the form of the question: “Is it just me?” And without the proper support, this struggle and self-doubt can derail the entire experience.

That’s why I became a Relocation Mentor. 

Looking back, I am grateful for the experiences I had. But looking forward, I want to help people like you to make the move with more support and resources so that you are better set up for success. Regardless of your reason for calling a new country home, I am here to help you thrive in your new life abroad.

  Let’s get started with an introductory call!

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