Empowering expats through personalized mentoring and training support

Live life on your own terms, no matter where you are.

Relocating to another country is one of the most rewarding things you can do, helping you grow in ways you never thought possible. But with that growth can come immense challenges. Without proper support, these hurdles can derail your entire experience and prevent you from achieving what you set out to do abroad.

That’s where I come in.

What can a Professional Relocation Mentor do for you?

As someone who has moved to seven different countries over the the past decade, I understand the bumps in the road you will face when moving to a new country. I created THRIVE ABROAD to provide expats like you with the support and resources needed to make the most of life abroad.

As a Relocation Mentor, I am here to support you throughout your entire journey. No matter the stage or reason for your move – whether you’re a professional who wants more support during your international assignment, or a student preparing to study abroad – I will ensure that you have the knowledge and tools needed to build a life you love. I aim to not just help you survive abroad, but help you thrive in life, no matter where you go.

Individual or Group sessions?

I offer both One-On-One Mentoring and Group Coaching sessions to fit your needs.

My One-On-One Mentoring sessions are designed to support individuals at any stage of the expat journey. Sessions are flexible and guided by you, ensuring you receive the most relevant support for your individual situation.

Group Coaching sessions are designed to support a cohort within the same program or organization. These sessions combine structured training with facilitated group discussions to capitalize on the lessons of a collective experience. Participants will learn together with their counterparts and form a bond that helps them to persevere through the stressful and uncomfortable moments.

Are you ready to take that leap of faith and move across the world?

Contact me today to discuss how a Professional Relocation Mentor can help you to find your footing abroad and make the most of life in your new home.